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Test your tracking know-how with this series of Tracking Quizzes by Brian Booth and Walter Muma. A new quiz is usually added about once per month. Occasionally quiz material  is provided by others.

The quizzes are best done "live", that is, at the time that a new one is released. This is done by email. We first email out notification that there is a new quiz on this website. This is followed a week or two later with a notification that the answer has been posted. Additionally, feedback may be provided to those who email an answer. This format forces you to think about the answer, and you aren't tempted to cheat and look at the answer without spending some time thinking about it.

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To find out more about Brian Booth, see "Who is Brian Booth? A brief biography".



The Quizzes

Quiz # Date Posted Location Substrate Difficulty*

Quiz #1 November Vermont tree bark difficult
Quiz #2 December Connecticut snow moderate
Quiz #3 January Connecticut snow moderate
Quiz #4 February Connecticut snow easy
Quiz #5 March Connecticut snow moderate
Quiz #6 April Connecticut snow moderate
Quiz #7 May Connecticut snow difficult
Quiz #8 June Vermont snow moderate
Quiz #9 August Connecticut snow difficult
Quiz #10 September Connecticut snow easy
Quiz #11 November Montana wet sand easy
Quiz #12 January Montana mud moderate
Quiz #13 February Vermont tree bark difficult
Quiz #14 April Wyoming snow moderate
Quiz #15 May Connecticut wet sand moderate
Quiz #16 September Connecticut wet sand moderate
Quiz #17 October Connecticut wet sand moderate
Quiz #18 November Vermont tree bark very difficult
Quiz #19 December Ontario gravel very difficult
Quiz #20 December Montana mud very difficult
Quiz #21 January Arizona mud difficult
Quiz #22 February Connecticut snow difficult
Quiz #23 April Arizona snow difficult
Quiz #24 May Florida dry sand easy
Quiz #25 July Connecticut tile floor easy
Quiz #26 January Arizona snow difficult
Quiz #27 February Ontario snow difficult
Quiz #28 January Washington snow easy

Quiz #29

January Arizona dust easy
Quiz #30 February Vermont snow difficult
Quiz #31 May Washington concrete easy
Quiz #32 May Washington snow moderate
Quiz #33 October Connecticut snow & ice easy
Quiz #34 October Montana dirt very difficult
Quiz #35 November Illinois dried mud moderate
Quiz #36 November Idaho dust moderate
Quiz #37 January Ontario water! difficult
Quiz #38 September Washington wet sand moderate
Quiz #39 October Rhode Island snow difficult
Quiz #40 November Ontario snow easy-difficult
Quiz #41 January Wyoming dried mud easy
Quiz #42 January Arizona dust moderate
Quiz #43 December Washington snow easy
Quiz #44 December Greece hard-packed dirt difficult
Quiz #45 January unknown snow easy
Quiz #46 January Ontario snow difficult
Quiz #47 March Massachusetts boulder field easy/moderate
Quiz #48 April Indonesia mud easy
Quiz #49 May Washington snow difficult
Quiz #50 October Washington snow difficult
Quiz #51 November Nepal snow easy
Quiz #52 December Nepal frozen mud easy
Quiz #53 December Massachusetts tree bark easy
Quiz #54 January Washington snow easy
Quiz #55 October Montana snow moderate
* Difficulty is a relative term. The ratings here indicate the amount of reasoning necessary to confirm the tracks are from one species and being able to rule out other species, how "hidden" the crucial clue is, plus how common the animal is. The ratings do not take into account factors such as your knowledge of animals, training, experience in tracking, or where you live. For instance, moose tracks would likely be easier to identify for someone who lives in Maine than someone who lives in Texas, and the reverse would be true for armadillo tracks.

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