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Quiz #38 - Question Page 3

by Brian Booth

Photo 38L

Photo 38L shows another part of the trail.

Photo 38M

Photo 38M is zoomed in on one part of this trail.

Photo 38N

Photos 38N / 38P / 38Q / 38R are zoomed in on individual tracks.

Track 38N is 2 5/8 inch long by 2 inch wide.


Photo 38P

Track 38P is 6 inch long by 3 inch wide.

Photo 38Q
Photo 38R


Photo 38S

Photos 38S / 38T show where the tracks led to.

Photo 38T
8. How many toes does this animal have?
9. Why do the tracks vary in size so much?
10. What animal made the tracks?

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Quiz #38 - Answer

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