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Quiz #25 - Answer


The answer is RACCOON.

The animal is large enough to eat a monster amount of cat food, but small enough (and smart enough) to enter through a cat door, plus the footprints with 5 long toes are a dead giveaway. Yup, I have a problem on my hands; the cat door is now blocked and Josh the Cat is not happy one bit.

Extra kudos to Ranger Rich who recognized that these were not tracks from a moose, since a moose would use the front door!

Special thanks to Tom Brown Jr. for sharing his skill of sideheading and countless other teachings and inspiration. I never thought sideheading would be a practical skill when it was first taught to me, but now I have put it to good use, and you can too. Just don’t leave your cat door open at night! :)

Enjoy the summer,


P.S. For those of you who are wondering about the wisdom of letting Josh the cat out to terrorize and dine on chipmunks and songbirds, You don't have to worry. He's 17 yrs old, very slow & gentle, and sleeps 20 hrs a day.  When he sleeps, he sleeps real deep, robins will dig for worms & rabbits will graze within 10 feet of him.  :-)



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